D&D like you've never seen before! 

The Cauldron NYC and The Active Player Network present


A ticketed, live, interactive Dungeons and Dragons campaign in which the audience affects gameplay and triggers new character abilities through Favor Tokens, magic wands, and other forms of audience interaction. 

Set in the modern magic of The Cauldron NYC, this event brings tabletop gaming to the next level.

Enjoy fantastical food and beverages from the Cauldrons & Dragons specialty menu -- featuring some of the The Cauldron’s signature Potions!

Whether you are an avid fan, a new fan, or just simply curious, we welcome you to this event co-presented by Active Player Network and The Cauldron NYC that is focused on audience inclusion and accessibility.


Join us for our first adventure….


Welcome to the World of Casters & Cantrips!

Downtown, amidst the twists and turns of the guts of Manhattan, past the suits, the proliferation of chain coffee shops, and the swarms of bedraggled locals and lost visitors, there is a very old stone street.  

 A tree stands on that stone street, around which a pub has been built.

However, this is no ordinary pub - far from it. It is a gateway to somewhere else, both closer than you can imagine and yet more alien than your wildest dreams. 

Welcome to The Feyde! 

 Join us as we accompany four soon-to-be heroes through the root-wreathed door and into the magical floating city of Fai’Dai’, where a strange sickness has begun to spread through the Tree of Life - the root of all magic - and even threaten the future of New York itself!



Can’t come to the live, interactive event? Watch online with Active Player Network!

Active Player Network is a tabletop gaming content hub for gamers like you.

Their videos and blog cover interviews with geek luminaries, previews for upcoming game releases, board game tutorials, miniature painting, and advice for gamers new and old. They are launching our new Twitch channel with Casters & Cantrips and will follow this collaboration with The Cauldron NYC with forthcoming board game and miniature painting content.

Whether you’ve been around for 30 seconds or 30 years, let us be your guide to growing your hobbies with games, collectibles, and more!