The Cauldron NYC

47 Stone Street, New York, NY 10004

The Apothecary & Pub: (212) 480-8142

The Potions Experience: (917) 635-1960

Closest Subway Stops:

  • Wall Street Station (2,3)

  • Wall St (4,5)

  • Broad St (J,Z)

  • South ferry Station (1)

  • Whitehall Street (R,W)

  • Bowling Green Subway Station (4,5)

Hours of Operation

Monday: 11:30am-11pm

Tuesday: 11:30am-11pm

Wednesday: 11:30pm-11pm

Thursday: 11:30pm-11pm

Friday: 11:30pm-12am

Saturday: 11:30pm-12am

Sunday: 11:30pm-11pm


Arrival to the Potions Experience

Your reservation for the Potions Experience begins precisely at your specific time, and we cannot accommodate you on the second floor before your session begins.  If you come early, please enjoy The Pub & Apothecary the molecular cocktail bar and gastropub on our ground floor for all your potion and food needs.

Your Experience session will conclude 1hr 45min from the start of your reservation… even if you arrive late. So please make sure you are on time!

“Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.”

Contact us/change your booking- use the form on this page

If you need to reach us, please use the contact form on this page, citing your booking reference number.  Tickets are non-refundable but can be moved, provided at least 48 hours notice and availability.  The best way to re-book is by using the form on this website-- find an open date and time and use the form to send your request.  The more specific you are, the more likely it will be that we can get you moved in a timely manner!

Book Drive- bring a book to donate to a developing reader

The idea for The Cauldron is rooted in fantasy literature, and we are running a book drive to create classroom libraries for developing readers in the US. We invite you to bring a copy of your favourite childhood book, which we will donate at the end of our pop-up. Help us to make a difference in the lives of young readers!

An over 21 Experience- no witches or wizards under age 21

The Cauldron Experience is for magical beings who are 21 years of wisdom or above.  Anyone under age 21, including small children, are not permitted inside the Experience.  Time to conjure a babysitter!

The Pub welcomes wizards and witches under 21 for food service before 9pm.


Contact Us

For group bookings and corporate events, please visit our Group Booking page.

Our response time is generally fewer than 12 hours.

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If you want to move your booking, please tell us the date and time that you prefer. It has to be available on the NYC calendar for us to move your booking!